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Acetaminophen codeine t3 snort

Acetaminophen codeine t3 snort

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T3's Acetaminophen-codeine - Marijuana.
you dont want to snort them no fun at all if u want to get the most fucked up as possible ur going to need a needle a soda can bottem or somthin and crush the pill
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If i snort some tylenol 3 will i get high.

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Acetaminophen Codeine #3 Side Effects

Acetaminophen codeine t3 snort

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05.06.2007 · Best Answer: Yes, you actually can.If you are tolerant to opiates, I wouldn't even bother with these. Be careful with those though. Tylenol 3s contain

Can you get high off tylenol with codeine.

14.04.2008 · Best Answer: for sure, duh!!! um yeah I've done it it works for like 45 min not 2 long yet i only snorted 2 Codeine is an opioid based analgesic