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minecraft server op codes

minecraft server op codes

Operator-only commands These commands are usable by ops both from the server console as well as through the chat window when prefixed by the command
Minecraft Gameserver
easy short tut for admins on opping players to let them do wat they want. thumbs up? and subscribe if your interested! thanks! Item Codes: http://www
The Minecraft Do What Ever! [FREE OP!] [1.5 BUKKIT] was contributed by cord2895. A server where you get oped just for asking or even op yourself once you login! The

Minecraft Multiplayer Server: How to Op a.

Miete dir deinen eigenen Gameserver und erkunde die Minecraft Welt.

Minecraft Op Server IP
  • Do What Ever! [FREE OP!] [1.5 BUKKIT].
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    minecraft server op codes

    Minecraft OP Commands

    How to Become an OP and Use Commands on.

    Server/op Commands Minecraft - Fragnet. Please, like and subscribe if you learned something, or liked this video! Extra Tags Extra Tags] IGNORE [Extra

    Non Bukkit Minecraft Servers .